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Welcome donation for Storytelling Program

Peninsula Villages has received a 2016 ClubGRANTS from Ettalong Diggers, which has funded the purchase of an electronic whiteboard to support a special project between Peninsula Villages and Umina Kids Club – The Storytelling Program.

We have had a longstanding partnership with various local community groups and worthy organisations including the local Umina Kids Club located in Nowack Avenue, Umina.

For almost 10 years residents from Peninsula Village have visited the local Umina Kids Club with the purpose to provide an intergenerational relationship between the local young children and our knowledgeable residents. Recently through this partnership we have commenced a special project called ‘The Storytelling Program’ that aims to reignite that traditional love of sharing stories with younger generations.

People of all ages love stories, especially children and it seems it is becoming a lost art in this day and age. Storytelling is an activity that develops the imagination and creative thinking and listening to stories also helps children to develop an idea of accepted behaviours.

Our residents have many stories to tell from a life full of memories. Many of our residents, for a variety of medical reasons, have short-term memory loss but are able to effortlessly recall people, places and events from their past.

With The Storytelling Program becoming a much loved part of the Umina Kids Club and Peninsula Villages social calendar, we saw the value in purchasing an electronic whiteboard for the childcare centre to allow these visits to be enhanced through the use of new technology.

After just one session with the new electronic whiteboard, we can already see that this project will extend to the children now teaching the residents about new technology and how this can be used to enhance the storytelling process.

Storytelling donation

Peninsula Villages runs a number of other local programs which help to enhance the ties between its senior residents and younger members of the Central Coast.

We would like to thank Ettalong Diggers for providing us with the funding to purchase this electronic whiteboard which is already enriching the value of this special project with Umina Kids Club.