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Brisbane Water Private Hospital volunteer to wrap resident gifts

Peninsula Villages was abuzz with Christmas cheer on 19 December as a number of Brisbane Water Private Hospital staff volunteered their time to help residents wrap their holiday gifts for family and friends.

‘Tis the season of giving and being thankful and our residents were spoiled with both as the volunteers spent hours spreading Christmas spirit through the halls of the Village.

Those who excitedly bought gifts for their loved ones many weeks ago were able to see them wrapped in beautiful, seasonal paper, while others shared stories of Christmas’s past with a new set of willing, interested ears.

At what is one of the most magical times of the year, CEO Shane Neaves said it was wonderful to see the residents so bright and bubbly.

“Christmas is always such a special time in the Village, and we were thrilled this year that Brisbane Water Private Hospital was able to join us,” he said.

“Many of the residents made comment of how lovely it was that the Hospital staff were willing to volunteer their time for this – it truly was a kind gesture.

“There’s been so much excitement around the Village this month, but it’s also been quite busy.

“We made our Christmas video, which was a huge hit, and now this – there’s been plenty going on but it’s all worth while when you see the smiles and the joy that our residents take from these initiatives,” he concluded.

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