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New model of care drives positive culture towards change

In keeping with Peninsula Villages’ desire to be forward thinking and proactive in the care of their residents, the not-for-profit community organisation has instituted a new model of care to assist with meeting new standards in the industry.

Known as Consumer Directed Care, or CDC, the model gives the consumer full autonomy in all decision-making related to their lifestyle and care. CDC aims to improve the consumers understanding of health and lifestyle issues so that they can play an active role in matters pertaining to their needs and wants.

CDC is the most recent and important change to the federal Government’s road map of reforms introduced in 2014. Peninsula Villages has made changes immediately to ensure they remain pioneers in the industry.

Chief Executive Officer, Shane Neaves said that Peninsula Villages placed tremendous value in the health and wellbeing of their residents.

“Consumer Directed Care is based on five key principles – choice and control, respectful and balanced partnerships, wellness and reablement, consumer rights and transparency,” said Shane.

“These are principles that Peninsula Villages has always seen as crucial to the service we provide, so it wasn’t too much of a change for us to implement this model of care.”

Peninsula Villages engaged a consultant to assist with implementing the model and driving a positive culture towards change in the Village. Staff have received training, and a trial involving 13 residents has been undertaken, with positive results.

CDC has since undergone a Village-wide roll-out whereby the concept is carefully explained at pre-admission so that potential residents can begin to think about what living in an aged care village might look like for them.


“Consumer Directed Care is not a new concept but certainly Peninsula Villages is at the forefront of this industry change,” said Shane.

“It is proven that people who can take control and make decisions concerning their own welfare are happier, healthier and function better than those who feel they are limited in their choices.

“This model promotes choice, control, dignity, respect and transparency – implementing this so soon after the new standards were introduced in July last year is a huge drawcard for the Village and we’re excited to see how it benefits our staff and residents alike,” Shane concluded.