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Updated NSW Health Advice – Updated 30 March 2021

Dear Residents and Persons Responsible

Due to the outbreak of the UK strain of Covid19 in QLD there has been an update for aged care facilities.

The link to this is:

Update summary

  • Exclude all visitors & staff who have visited the current areas of concern at the *dates & times indicated, and for 14 days post visit.  The areas of concern  are in:

  • NSW: Byron Bay
  • QLD: Moreton Bay, Greater Brisbane, Logan; Ipswich; Redlands
  • Exclude staff or visitors who have symptoms of Covid-19
  • Are a close contact with a person confirmed as having Covid, and are self-isolating
  • Live in a household with a person who is self-isolating
  • Waiting for Covid19 test results
  • Masks are not required to be worn by residents, staff and visitors unless in Northern NSW
  • Residents can have as many visitors as they choose
  • Residents can come and go from the facility without any restriction. Masks are not required
  • sanitiser

  • Entertainment, including singing and dancing is allowed
  • For Pam Palmer House contact

    For Pozieres House contact

    For Don Leggett House contact

    Board and Management of Peninsula Village