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As a community, not-for-profit organisation, Peninsula Villages is proud to be a member of a number of affiliate programs and associations. Below is an overview of each and how they assist Peninsula Villages in delivering what is best for our residents, staff and community.

PACE Aged Care

Peninsula Villages is a Founding Member of PACE Care – an organisation committed to sharing a culture of care amongst likeminded not for profit aged and community care service providers.

Inspired by the possibility of how local community organisations may be able to work together to assist and support each other, Peninsula Villages and three additional founding organisations collaborate to create a unique shared services organisational model.

Under PACE Care, the growing member-base work together with the aim of providing the perfect environment for organisations to share resources, training, development, administration and provide opportunities for growth and increased career pathways.

PACE Care member organisations jointly offer a variety of services including residential aged care, independent living, respite, dementia specific care and community ageing services on the Central Coast of New South Wales and beyond.

The founding member organisations of PACE Care are Peninsula Villages,
Central Coast Community Care Association and
Evergreen Life Care Limited. The current members are Peninsula Villages,
Central Coast Community Care Association and Vietnam Veterans – Keith Payne VC Hostel.

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Leading Aged Care Services Australia (LASA)

LASA is the national association for all providers of age services across residential care, home care and retirement living/seniors housing in Australia.

They aim to support high performing, respected and sustainable age services in providing high quality, safe and compassionate care, support and accommodation to older Australians.

Due to their diverse and representative membership base, LASA is able to speak with credibility and authority on issues of importance to older Australians and the age services industry.

Their strong and influential voice leads the agenda on issues of national importance, enabling their Members the opportunity to be part of the industry-changing conversations. Additionally, they allow access to valuable and value-adding information, advice, effective services and efficient support.

As a LASA Member, Peninsula Villages is proud to support the critical role played by LASA for the age services industry in caring for ageing Australians.

Chief Executive Officer, Shane Neaves, is also a State representative who sits on the LASA Advisory Committee.

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The Welcome Here Project

Established in 1998 in response to high levels of street based violence directed at Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) people, The Welcome Here Project encourages local businesses to place a ‘Safe Place’ sticker in their storefront so that LGBTIQ community members could identify them as a place to seek refuge if they were under the threat of violence.

Thankfully public opinion has changed and prejudice based violence has reduced, and so The Welcome Here Project’s focus has shifted to supporting local business owners and organisations to create and promote environments that are visibly welcoming and inclusive of LGBTIQ people.

Registered Welcoming Places must pass criteria for approval and must publicly display a sticker and charter showing their commitment to being a Welcoming Place.

Eligibility is based on a business or organisation agreeing to welcome Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Intersex, Queer, Questioning and other gender or sexuality diverse people. Additionally, they must publicly demonstrate support for the LGBTIQ community and actively promote a prejudice and discrimination free space.

As an equal opportunity employer and inclusive care facility, Peninsula Villages believes that visible, welcomed LGBTIQ communities mean safer communities. By becoming a registered Welcoming Place, we are working to help create positive social change throughout Australia.

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