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Aged Care Guide

We know how stressful and confusing it can be to navigate the aged care environment. Not only do you need to determine what type of care is best – retirement/assisted living, home care or residential aged care – but then how to organise aged care and the costs involved. As a retirement and residential aged care provider, Peninsula Villages aims to make this process as simple and as stress free as possible and ensure the transition from home to residential care is a positive experience.

The decision to move into a residential aged care facility is a significant one and it is important to choose a home that meets not only your needs, but those of your loved ones.

Peninsula Villages Aged Care Guide
Peninsula Villages Aged Care Guide

Retirement/Independent Living

Retirement or independent living is ideal for those who need a little extra care and support with the demands of daily living, but would like to maintain their independence.

This level of care is perfect for individuals or couples who are looking for minimal care, but within a more social community setting. A retirement village or independent living setting caters for retirees and older residents with services and facilities to meet social and lifestyle needs.

When moving into an independent living village, accommodation is often in the form of a unit or apartment, complete with bathroom and kitchen facilities. Independent living units often have access to shared facilities such as lounges, gardens and dining rooms and the village can provide assistance with personal care services such as meals, showering, transportation and social support.

In addition, rehabilitation support and health and therapy services can also be provided within independent living facilities.

Residential Aged Care

Residential aged care is predominately suited to those who are finding it difficult to live at home by themselves or with the support of a spouse or family member.

With this level of care, the person requiring care lives in the aged care residence full time and has all of their personal care and living arrangements looked after. This person may need help because of an illness, a disability, an emergency or because their family, friends or carers are no longer able to sufficiently meet their specific care needs. Our friendly staff help with day-to-day tasks including cleaning, cooking and laundry, as well as personal and nursing care, such as dressings, grooming, bathing and wound care.

People who move into a residential aged care facility may also need their care levels changed or increased in the future. To accommodate this, specialised care is available in most residential aged care facilities with dedicated high care, dementia care and palliative care.

All aged care facilities in Australia, including Peninsula Villages, are strictly regulated by the government to ensure a high standard of care is delivered. Within the residential aged care sector, accommodation differs depending on each individual’s needs and extra services are offered in relation to care levels, additional activities and support programs.

Those wishing to enter residential aged care require a health assessment prior to entry, click here to learn more about this process and eligibility for residential aged care.